Granny’s Blends

Granny’s Special Blends

Granny Shaffer’s has a variety of specialty coffee blends to choose from when you come in. Try a cup today to discover your new favorite coffee!

Signature Blend

Our best-selling blend is a favorite of our breakfast and dinner customers. It is easily enjoyed at any time. This blend is bright, sharp, earthy and heavy-bodied with low acidity. A perfect choice if you like a smooth coffee and aren’t sure if you prefer a medium or dark roast.

Cowboy Campfire Coffee

Coffee blended for those that like a strong, bold taste. This fantastic coffee will have you hootin’ howlin’, and soarin’ with the best of them. This coffee will keep any cowboy roping all day!

Columbian Supremo Decaf

This wonderful swiss water blend is for those who want that great coffee taste without the caffeine or chemical processing. This is perfect for after dinner or to unwind after a long day.


Our espresso is a handcrafted, three-bean, French Roasted blend, allowing a multidimensional flavor that provides a heavy body and the fullness that is demanded for a fine espresso.

Ethiopian Sidamo

The flavor of Sidamo is alluring and complex. Gentle floral scents waft from the cup, imparting a tart and complex fruitiness. The crisp acidity gives it a lively finish and leaves you wanting more.

Indonesia Sumatra

Indonesia Sumatra is noted for its lush, sultry earthiness. The coffee is full-bodied, complex, and delivers a smooth finish.

Mexican Chlapas

This coffee notes a surprisingly rich coffee with hints of berry in both taste and aroma. The flavor is delicate, bold, rich, and clean.

Guatemala Hue Hue

A surprisingly rich coffee with vibrant flavor, this Guatemalan coffee is a medium body, with a sharp acidity and spice-like aftertaste.

Barron’s of Brazil

“Monte Allegre” Natural process with a creamy body, notes of cocoa, and a nutty finish.

Kona Blend

This Kona Blend coffee is a lighter-bodied coffee with delicate notes, depth, complexity, and brightness. The range of flavors and subtleties of this cup gives it a sophisticated character. 

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