Roasting Coffee

Nobody Has Fresher "Micro-roasted" Coffee Than Granny Shaffer's Restaurant!

It’s all in the Roasting!

Coffee is like wine. Everybody likes something different than the other person. Our coffee friends in Seattle trend toward a dark, robust coffee, the Midwest favors a medium smooth roast, and our New Orleans friends like for the spoon to stand up in the coffee.

At Granny Shaffer’s Restaurant, our “Micro-Roasting” process combines art with science to allow is to roast coffee to match your favorite flavor. The coffee flavor depends on the variety and the roast. The longer the coffee is roasted, the darker it becomes and less acidic it becomes. Our patented scientific “Mirco-Roasting” process takes the guesswork out of coffee roasting and ensures that we reproduce the same flavor profile every time. Once you pick your favorite roast, we can match it every time. Below is a brief guide to help you select a roast that best matches your taste profile.

Light Roast

Light roast coffee features a well-balanced and smooth flavor. Since these beans are roasted more lightly than a medium or dark roast, more caffeine remains in the coffee, giving a stronger boost of energy.  Additionally, the aroma of a light roast coffee is a comforting smell to wake up too or to enjoy early in the morning.

Medium Roast

The most common roast denoting the full development of coffee flavor. It is dark brown with few traces of oil on the surface of the bean. The flavor can be caramel to chocolate with some hints of smokiness.

Dark Roast

The beans have flavors that become smoky, nutty, with coco replacing the chocolate flavoring. Only a select type of bean can perform well at this level. Typically, most dark roasts are blended with other lighter roasts to enhance flavors.

Espresso Roast

A specific roast somewhere between dark and french that decreases the acidity, while at the same time bringing out the flavors of the coffee used in the blend. Blends of several coffees are required to roast a great espresso. With this roast, it is important not to burn the bean, decreasing the flavor profile of the coffee.

French Roast

Very dark brown with large amounts of oil on the bean surface. It is bittersweet, smoky, and pungent.

The freshest roasted coffee anywhere!

To order your favorite blend, call or stop in today, and we’ll roast it while you eat!

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